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The Differences of Spiral and Flat Steel Bones of Waist Cincher


The waist cincher is one of shapewear that is mostly used to accentuate and slim down the user’s curves. When shopping for waist cinchers, you might see some styles which are constructed with steel bones to reinforce it. The steel bones of waist cinchers usually come in two forms: flat and spiral. Just like what we often hear from many customers who want to begin with a waist-cinching, they have a question about what is the difference of spiral steel bones and flat steel bones. Since both spiral and flat steel bones aren’t actually perfect for all women with various kinds of figure, size, and other preferences, so it is essential to recognize the weaknesses of both steel bones. By identifying the weaknesses of both form of steel bones, you can choose one of them that best suits your needs of a waist cincher. The shape of steel bones is not the only thing to consider when selecting a waist cincher. There are many more factors to considers getting a perfect choice, and if you want to know more about waist cincher, you can visit to read more about that.

Flat Steel Bones

The manufacturers of shapewear are aware that every woman has unique factors that require different kinds and styles of shapewear. Some women may prefer to wear waist cincher which comes without any bone in it. Otherwise, the other some may require wearing a waist cincher that comes with steel bones so that they get the perfect compression and support for their preferences. If you are wondering which one you should choose for you, let’s start the discussion the differences of Spiral and Flat Steel Bones of Waist Cincher with the waist cincher that comes with flat steel bones. Most people might think that flat steel bones are better than the spiral steel bones just because they are stiffer than the spiral ones and add more of an extreme look. In fact, it is not always the case of flat steel bones. We need to know that flat steel boning is made of strips of spring steel sheets which are blunted on its sharp edges carefully and then covered with a rust protectant. It is actually not easy for fittings, and for the users of wait cincher with this flat steel bones, it is a bit difficult to wear. 

Flat bones are infamous for its rigidness, therefore when tension is applied to one end of the waist cincher, the other end will automatically fluctuate in the other direction. This problem usually happens to someone who has a waistline that is much smaller than the hips and bust ration. Therefore, if you have this body shape, a waist cincher that comes with flat steel bones might not be suitable for you. Flat steel bones are also a lot wider and more durable than the spiral form. Probably it is the reason that makes this type as a better option. In fact, flat steel bones are thicker and also stiffer than the spiral ones, to provide more support and shape. 

Spiral Steel Bones

Let’s see what do we have with the waist cincher that comes with spiral steel bones. When we look at waist cincher with spiral steel bones, we don’t get as much credit as we should get. Usually, a waist cincher that comes with spiral steel bones provides a better fit for the wearers. When it is worn, it hugs the hips and bust much more than the one with flat steel bones can do. Flexibility is also another factor that the wearers can get of spiral steel bones so that they can apply a bit more tension to the corset, and is not as constricting as a flat steel boned cincher. Waist cincher with spiral steel bones is suitable for curvy bodies so that they can gill out spiral boning cincher better because it can bend as comfortably as spiral boning. With this flexibility factor, many performers prefer to wear waist cincher with spiral steel bones so that they can move and perform freely without any restriction to their body.

With its flexibility that is also its biggest point of spiral steel bones, does all waist cincher that comes with this type of steel bones is suitable for all women? You should hold the answer before reading the weaknesses of spiral steel boned waist cincher. The flexibility that is offered by spiral steel bones can be the reason to leave this option for the flat form. It is because the flexibility that allows the wearer to get more opportunity to move when wearing this cincher has caused less rigidness to the covered body. Therefore, if you need a rigid structure and reshaping of a waist cincher, then the one with spiral steel bones is not suitable for you. You can leave the less comfort factor of flat steel boned waist cincher to get the proper compression and support for your wait cinching.  

Well, that’s the end of this article about the differences of spiral and flat steel bones of waist cincher. Hopefully, it can help you decide which kind of waist cincher that you should choose for your purposes. If you find any trouble when selecting a waist cincher, feel free to ask any question so that we can help you get the solution. Don’t forget always to choose the size that fit your body to get the most out of the waist cincher. You can also consult with the product seller about the proper size for you.

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